About Us. Crystal Hearts And Cosmic Dreams

About Us Crystal Hearts And Cosmic Dreams

We are a New Age business in country Victoria. We care about you and  make sure our suppliers don't use child labour. We only sell high vibrational, ethically sourced quality crystals. Our Crystals are  sourced from Brazil, America, India, China and other parts of the world. 

Our Family includes Millie the dog, Hilary and Rosemary are our cats. We also have 3 pigeons. Tim, Lucy and Maggie. Plus Goldie and Sparkles the Goldfish.

We hope you have fun with the Love And Good Luck Spells. The Spells were  Prepared especially for you  by Christopher Fortescue - Browne..

Great Grandpa and Great Grandma started their  own retail business on the 21st December 1953.

Our Family has been in the Giftware industry since 14th November 1964 and we have seen a lot of changes. Now the Great Grand Kids are part of the business and loving it especially the New Age Modern Witch Essentials. 

May your Guardian Angel keep you safe and protect you always. May all your Wishes and Dreams come true.

 Everything in the infinite universe is a Duck if not it isn't a Duck.