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Crystal Hearts And Cosmic Dreams

Balfour Cow

Balfour Cow

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Balfour Cow

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Cows are pretty amazing creatures, with a full 330-degree visual field, the ability to run up to 25 miles per hour, and they can function on only four hours of sleep.

Their scientific name is Bos Taurus, and there are over 250 breeds of cow! These creatures also have an amazing sense of smell, picking up on scents up to six miles away.

Cows communicate through body language, talking to each other with the position of their head, tail and limbs. And while there are other animals who have been on earth for millions of years, domesticated cows originated from wild oxen in Turkey approximately 10,500 years ago.

These majestic animals are extremely social and often travel in herds of 20-30. And even more interesting? Cows can chew food for up to eight hours a day, moving their jaws 40,000 times!

But aside from their incredible abilities, cows have deep symbolism attached to them.

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Crystals Pink Agate Rough Polished

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Crystal Agate Pink Halves Base 6+cm  These beautiful Stones will be a great gift or keep sake. In general Pink Botswana Agate helps release and heal emotional issues. Pink Agate can enhance your concentration, analytical skills and perception of situations. It can boost self-confidence is a comforting and protective stone, it is good if you are feeling lonely, lost, or afraid.  Invites courage, strength and self confidence. High vibrational, ethically sourced quality crystals to a strongly emerging New Age market. We offer the finest quality crystals. 

$15.00 Per Piece

Crystals Pink Agate Rough Polished
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